R670-700G 670nM 700mW Class IIIb Laser Module

Order Code Price
l (nm) Power (mW) Iop (mA) Vop (VDC) Circuitry Size (mm) Housing KAC
R670-700G-KAC $3695.00 670±5 700 < 3000 5 ACC Size: 4 x 6 x 3 ''

Glass Collimating Optics, Focusable.
R670-700G is multi-mode laser. That translates to an output beam with high divergence (approx. 4 mrad by 8 mrad). The beam profile may be set into line or rectangular shape.

The high output power is achieved by combining two laser modules. Final beam may not overlap perfectly. Periodic mechanical adjustment may be needed as part of maintenance. Each laser is completely independent and can operate individually.

Optional Features related to R670-700G-KAC:

  • Output Power Adjustable Control (Order Code: PADJ-C): $195.00/ea.
  • Modulation Control Input (up to 5K Hz): (Order Code: MCON-5-C): $195.00/ea.
  • Modulation Control Input (up to 10K Hz): (Order Code: MCON-10-C): $295.00/ea.
  • Beam Corrective Lens (Order Code: BCOR): Minimumized Beam Divergence (approx. 2 x 4 mrad), Maximumized Power Efficiency: $600.00/ea.

    Accessories related to R670-700G-KAC:

  • PS-5V3A Power Supply (2pcs are needed): $49.00/ea.
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